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An Interactive Web-based Educational Application Optimized for Mobile Devices and Tablets

What is an ActiveLesson? It is an interactive web-based educational application that is optimized for mobile devices and tablets.

Who uses an ActiveLesson? Students and anyone else interesting in learning subjects presented and taught in an engaging and interactive fashion.

Who creates an ActiveLesson? You do! Using the ActiveLesson creation platform, teachers can create an ActiveLesson for their students. They are intuitive and easy to create. Once you have created your ActiveLesson, we host your lesson on our server and include it on our marketing and social media sites. For more information on creating your own ActiveLessons click here.

Who are we? ActiveLesson was created by Dr. Kevin Hannon. Dr. Hannon is an award-winning instructor of veterinary anatomy at the Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine. He has worked with his students to create an educational tool that is interactive, intuitive to use and accessible. The results of these efforts are ActiveLesson.

See below for a list and subscribe to one of our currently available ActiveLessons:

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